Get to know me

Hello! I'm Erin!

A wife and mom to 5 amazing kids! You could say that my love for coffee is right up there with my love for my family, but before that is my love for Jesus! I'm a football and softball mom (so far) the little ones haven't discovered their passions yet. I have an unusual amount of patience, which works well during our sessions together, as well as mothering 5 kids! My husband and I have been married for 17 years! (My jaw just dropped typing that out) We met when we were just youngins' at 19 and were married by 20, and the rest is history! 

Photographing my family and YOURS gives me great JOY! Its a constant reminder of whats important, but I could go on and on...BUT lets chat and get to know each other! 

Looking forward to chatting with you!


Our time with our little ones is so short compared to grand scheme of life…

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